About Us

Every artist needs a medium to bring his creative stories and ideas to life. If shoes are your canvas of choice, you have ‘stepped’ into the right platform to showcase your talent.

We are located at Agra, India—the city famous all over the world not only for the Taj Mahal, but also for footwear production—to start this exciting new venture! Truly, any shoe designer and shoe entrepreneur’s dream place.

As the Indian footwear industry is growing rapidly, the demand of quality product for export and domestic markets is rising too. Even though our country has an extensive and illustrious history of producing footwear, still there is a shortage of experienced professionals to meet the rise in demand.

Thus, originated the idea to create BRDC—where BUYERS can obtain a global-standard product at affordable prices, and ASSOCIATES can benefit from selling and displaying their products to the worldwide market — all through ONE SINGLE PLATFORM.

BUYERS and ASSOCIATES, both can benefit from our services all under one platform.